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Radar’s role in hydrology today


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60 mins with leading experts on discharge and water level radar technology for water monitoring.


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Watch this webinar led by radar experts Stefan Siedschlag, Dr Anton Felder and Edgar Wetzel, focusing exclusively on discharge and water level radar technology in hydrological monitoring and analysis.

In today’s dynamic world, where climate change is challenging our understanding of water systems, the use of radar technology in hydrology, particularly for discharge and water level monitoring, is attracting a great deal of interest.

Radar is a non-contact measurement technology that removes all interference from the medium being measured, providing an unbiased means of assessing quantitative changes in water bodies. The advanced capabilities of discharge and water level radar give us a real-time understanding of river dynamics, allowing us to better manage floods, manage droughts and optimise water allocation.


  • Applications of radar in hydrology
  • How radar technology can contribute to the understanding and management of water resources
  • Real-life examples of the effectiveness of radar in hydrological monitoring and analysis

About your speakers

Dr. Anton Felder: With over 35 years of experience in hydrology and meteorology in both research and industry, Anton is currently Director of HydroMet at KISTERS and was previously MD and President of OTT HydroMet for over 25 years. He is also Chairman of Synoptic Data and a Council member of the Hydrometeorological and Environmental Industry Association.

Stefan Siedschlag: Stefan Siedschlag is a renowned flow measurement expert with over four decades of experience. Throughout his career, Stefan has held key positions at leading institutions such as Quantum Hydrometry and OTT Hydromet, where he has played an integral role in product development, training and consultancy. As a member of DIN, the German Standards Committee, he has made a significant contribution to industry standards and is now focused on sharing his expertise through his upcoming book, ‘Introduction to Discharge Measurement in Rivers and Open Channels’.

Edgar Wetzel: Edgar Wetzel, is Global Head of Product Management (Instrumentation) and former Innovation Officer at KISTERS AG, spearheading advancements in hydrometeorological monitoring solutions. With over 35 years of expertise in environmental monitoring, meteorology, hydrology, noise mapping and air-pollution, Edgar oversees innovation projects driving cutting-edge sensor technology, data management software, and scientific applications, all aimed at enhancing environmental sustainability. 

Whether you are new to discharge and water level radar technology or want to discover the latest advances, don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights.

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