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Energy Sales Solutions

Securing sales margins for energy suppliers


Process-oriented software for all energy sales and balancing group management tasks

KISTERS supports energy contractors like you with complete solutions for end-to-end processes from the initial quote to the contract stage and sales controlling. We work with you to ensure your margins with robust and scalable software solutions today and in the future.

Your benefits


Market-ready solutions for the age of energy transition

We develop solutions for the challenges of the energy market in close collaboration with our customers


Top-tier solutions in the secure KISTERScloud environment

You benefit from always up-to-date high-availability systems compliant with the stringent security standard ISO 27001, TÜV-TSI, BSI TR-03109-6


High Performance & Scalability

KISTERS solutions are designed to process large volumes of data quickly and intuitively.


Seamless integration

The solution integrates seamlessly into your existing system environment based on open, event-based interfaces in a state-of-the-art IT architecture.



Our expertise in energy market topics ensures consistent process security and flexibility for our customers across Europe.

How it works

We provide support and process-oriented solutions for your energy sales tasks and your balancing group management along the entire process chain. Where required, we can also integrate individual process components into your existing process environment.

Acquisition of industry, trade, and household customers
Delivery Contract Management
Trade Forecasting & Aggregation
Metered Value Processing & Balancing
Invoice Verification & Sales Controlling


  • Easy and intuitive calculations for complex quotes and products

    Easy and intuitive calculations for complex quotes and products

    Quote Calculator

    The BelVis+ application Offer Calculation is your central tool for customer-specific profit management. It allows you to reliably calculate future contribution margins for special contract customers, quickly create quotes at market prices and identify attractive existing and new customers.
    Our goal is to improve the efficiency and quality of your energy sales processes, including your contract management.

    Product Calculation

    The BelVis+ Product Calculation assists in the creation, analysis, and simulation of new power and gas products. You can select specific areas for targeted marketing campaigns, and have the results, including the contribution margin calculation, displayed for just one of for all target areas in a detailed simulation.

  • Aggregation of all sales forecasts in seconds

    Aggregation of all sales forecasts in seconds

    The BelVis+ Sales Aggregation offers you a comprehensive overview of all non-PM and PM contracts for Power and Gas. Any procurement segments that might match products or tariffs will also be included, and the entire overview can be forwarded directly to the energy market.

  • Flexible customer portal with dynamic tariffs

    Flexible customer portal with dynamic tariffs

    Energy service providers or metering point operators offer their customers close to realtime and convenient insights into current generation and usage data via the BelVis+ Customer Portal. Transparency is the key: smart meter customers can use the portal to monitor, analyse and compare their own consumption and generation behaviour. RLM industry customers additionally use the key figures for their energy management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 and for corresponding energy management certificates.

    You can also offer your customers dynamic tariffs via the BelVis+ customer portal. Thanks to our holistic approach, we support you in keeping an eye on the entire process from the publication of the tariff, the displays for end consumers, the effects on forecasts, risk assessment and procurement, calculating the total costs for the customer and in the long term helping them to save money through automated control in the household.

    Our customer portal offers 2D/3D visualisations as well as spectral analyses of your data, numerous key figures, and export functions as well as special features.

  • Increased transparency between sales and trade

    Increased transparency between sales and trade

    KISTERS solutions ensure smooth process flows in clearly demarcated organisational units, adding transparency and efficiency.

    Correct quantity identification ensures seamless processes from quote creation to procurement and reporting. The rolling recalculation feature facilitates coverage for individual contracts and considers actual cover prices.

    Intuitive visualisations offer information about current contract forecasts, actual quantities and the quantities transferred to trade.

  • User-friendly operation and mobile interaction

    User-friendly operation and mobile interaction

    KISTERS solutions offer a wide range of configuration options for custom dashboards. Each user is presented with the exact information they need in real time and with the detail depth they want. Additionally, finely tuned configuration options for status management will ensure that you alarm system with deadline and notification management will match user and enterprise processes.

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