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GIS - Graphical information systems

No matter how large your data volumes are, we make sure you'll always have a complete 360 view of your data.

Making data easily usable

Good decisions can only be based on solid data. It is not enough to simply collect facts, figures, and statistics – they must be collated and presented in a way that they become meaningful. Our experts have the software solutions and the know-how you need to make sense of it all. The result will be information that is clear, concise, and viable for your projects.

Solution benefits


Making the right choices

Our experts will assist you in the selection and set-up and implementation of the best solution to suit your needs – be it sewer databases, graphical information systems or digital calculation methods.


Valuable information at your fingertips

Your data holds a wealth of information. We offer the software solutions you need to make the most of it.


The right tools

Our priority is to find the best tools for you. Our solutions cover a wide range of topics from web-based knowledge databases to highly sophisticated engineering workstations. We want you to solve your everyday tasks safely and quickly, and handle exceptional requirements like asset valuation, substance analysis or sewer hydraulics with ease.


Latest standards

ISYBAU XML, IFC, BIM support or GIS projects: all solutions we offer comply with the latest standards and adapt to your tasks and processes – not the other way around.


Complete solutions

Our aim is to minimise project risks for you. That is why we look at the whole picture and not just individual aspects. Our offering comprises data and software solutions, installation and training.

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