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Our customers cover all kinds of industries around the globe. Whether you represent a government body or private sector business, we can help.

Energy & renewables

We design solutions to be powerful tools for good decision-making in a dynamic energy and renewables market.

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Sectors we serve...

  • Metering
  • Trade & procurement
  • Energy sales
  • Distribution network operation / smart grids
  • Energy generation
  • Industry

National flood forecasting system and central data hub at Vietnam Meteorological Hydrological Administration

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Water, Weather and Environment

Increase your resilience to challenges in water, weather & the environment with tools specific to your needs.

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Sectors we serve...

  • Intergovernmental Organisations/ National, Federal, State, Provincial and Regional Agencies
  • Cities and Local Government
  • Meteorology & climatology
  • Water Utilities and Waste Water
  • Agriculture
  • Hydropower and Reservoirs
  • Mining industry
Aerial photo from a drone of the medieval road bridge in Fordingbridge that spans over the river.

Environmental Consulting

Through our leading expertise, we can help you bring your projects to life in urban water management, municipal civil engineering, development, and hydraulic engineering and management.

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Sectors we serve...

  • Local government & cities
  • Municipal utilities
  • Industry
  • Water boards
Detail of airplane engine wing at terminal gate before takeoff.

3D Visualisation

At KISTERS, our goal is to make 3D CAD data usable for everyone. That’s why we make 3D viewers that just simply work.

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Sectors we serve...

  • Automotive
  • Aero
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Plant Construction and Petrochemical Industry
  • BIM and Construction

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