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Students and graduates at KISTERS

Secondary/vocational students, university undergrads or trainees – we seek and promote young talent who wish to begin their professional lives with a solid basis and practical experience.

We have plenty to offer

For secondary/vocational students

Get a taste of the working world and find out what life in a company would feel like that not only develops leading software solutions, but also takes the challenges of environmental protection seriously while doing its part to create a better world.

This is your chance to find out if the IT industry might be right for you. Register for our annual Girls Day or Boys Day and spend a whole day with the people at KISTERS, looking into different areas of work and asking them whatever you like. If that experience leaves you wanting more, then apply for a one to three-day work experience.

For trainees

Maybe university isn’t your thing and you’re more the hands-on, practical type? If you enjoy working with new technologies and are interested in topics like app development, system integration, data and process analysis or networks and communication, then we are looking for you.

We offer a wide range of apprenticeships every year. Take your first career steps into the IT world with us.

For undergraduates

If you want to get your foot in the door where the future of software is being created or kick-start your career with practical experience alongside your formal studies in an internationally active software company, then KISTERS could be for you.

Fast-track your future by combining theoretical studies and practical work experience in a dual study course with us. Combining intensive in-house training with your university curriculum will enable you to have the best of both worlds whilst laying the foundations of your professional future.

Alternatively, start with us in a work-study position where we’ll work with you to help manage your workload and your studies, while making sure you experience the best KISTERS has to offer.