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Professional measurement data management for your energy needs

Mock-up of a KISTERS software application.

Data acquisition, processing and communication with market partners has never been easier

KISTERS solutions support metering point operators (MPO) like you in all tasks relating to metering point operation: from device management (including gateway administration), to meter data acquisition, processing (plausibility checks and creation of substitute values), and data provision for all authorised market partners, right up to billing preparation. We give you process-oriented and comprehensive support you need.

Our well-established process support for market communication ensures highly automated and therefore efficient end-to-end process steps.

Your benefits


We've got you covered – no matter what technology you use or role you play

Conventional PM or intelligent metering systems: our solutions support local and commercial metering point operators.


High-performance and highly available

Our solutions are designed for the processing of high data volumes based on a state-of-the-art software architecture and include a modern storage and high-availability concept.


Comprehensive (Cyber) Security

Your security is our top priority. Various certifications attest to our very high security standards: ISO 27001, TÜV-TSI, BSI TR-03109-6


Top-tier technologies as cloud-based or on-premises applications

You decide, we deliver: our web-based solutions in the KISTERScloud or on-premises at your own data centre


Market leader in time series management

KISTERS is a well-established solutions provider in the energy sector and has the wherewithal to drive your digital transformation

How it works

Metering point operators find the support they need in our process-oriented solutions. We have automated the individual process steps to run in the background: data collection, preparation and transmission, and secure/correct billing with less margin for error and less of your valuable time spent.

Metering Point & Device Management
Measured Value Acquisition
Processing of Measured Data
Data Transmission
Billing of Metering Point Operation


  • Gateway Administration – also as BPO

    Gateway Administration – also as BPO

    KISTERS is a certified gateway administrator and a certified active external market participant. We offer various options in support of the ongoing expansion of Smart Meter Gateways (SMGWs). In addition to SaaS management and configuration of SMGWs from within the certified KISTERScloud, we can also take care of your GWA and MPO processes as a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) project at our own data centre.

  • Highly Automated Market Communication

    Highly Automated Market Communication

    The workflow-based WiM Cockpit handles all market communication for metering point operators:

    • MPO changes (start, end, termination)
    • Device changes/transfers
    • Transmission of measured values (incl. complaints and cancellations, Energy service provider (ESP) requests
    • Basic data changes
    • Billing processes
  • Comprehensive Data Acquisition

    Comprehensive Data Acquisition

    The KISTERS AMC solution accesses and reads out the metering devices in your network and is currently also deployed in conjunction with a BSI-compliant crypto module for the capture of measured values from Smart Meter Gateways.

  • Easy Integration into Existing System Environment

    Easy Integration into Existing System Environment

    KISTERS solutions offer standardised REST-API interfaces for data exchanges with third-party systems, facilitating an effortless integration into your existing system environment.

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