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Urban drainage and sewer systems

Reconciling the creation of new living spaces with the preservation of the natural environment.

The pinnacle of civil engineering

Our customers know how complex it can be to reconcile the needs of human settlement with the preservation of the natural balance. This conflict is most evident when it comes to urban drainage. Networks for supply and disposal criss-cross the urban subsoil, rezoning changes the use of land, industrial sites are abandoned, or new residential areas are developed. We create new drainage concepts or re-evaluate and adapt existing ones based on comprehensive knowledge of environmental regulations and codes. The result is a solution that is not only up to date, but also meets your specific requirements.

Solution benefits


Innovative concepts

Innovation is at the core of what we do – we look at existing concepts and apply our know-how to find new alternatives.


Always up to date

Ever more stringent environmental standards mean that water management systems have to follow suit in terms of configuration and operation. We are here to ensure that you can rest easy.


Experience and expertise

Our seasoned experts will assist you in the planning of rainwater and combined sewage treatment plants.


Keeping an eye on costs

Revisions of urban drainage systems hold great potential for savings. We develop suitable concepts for you.


Risk assessment

Heavy rains and flooding can endanger life and destroy property. We will assist you in the identification and implementation of effective preventive measures.

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