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Universal Energy Solutions

A clear overview of your value creation chain


More efficiency for the collaboration across all roles

KISTERS universal energy solutions fulfil all requirements of individual market roles and actors, while keeping an eye on collaboration and compliance – from the grid control room to trading.

Ideally, all actors work with the same software and use role-specific web interfaces through which they can efficiently complete their tasks. Time-consuming data imports and exports become a thing of the past. And if they do become necessary, we offer a highly efficient flexible transfer tool.

Affiliated (third-party) systems like accounting and CRM can be integrated via standard interfaces. Last but not least, we offer special data services like the popular MaKo address book, which makes current market data directly available in your IT system.

Your benefits


Collaboration across roles and departments

All actors in your value creation chain work with the same solution – including outside partners. Each role has its customised dashboard.


Cloud solutions for more flexibility

Fast, safe and flexible implementation: your system as a KISTERScloud solution is an attractive, budgetable alternative to an on-premise installation.


Seamless integration with all your existing IT solutions, including CRM, Billing, and more.

Open interfaces and flexible data transfer tools to suit your system environment.


Optimal IT Security

Our Cloud solutions are suitable for critical infrastructures and business-critical systems, as our security concept is certified in accordance with ISO 27001, BSI TR-03109-6 and TÜV TSI.


Modular design for custom integrations

Pick and choose the components you need for seamless workflows in your enterprise.

Product features

  • Flexibility Management

    Flexibility Management

    Flexibility management helps balance generation and usage via decentralised systems (CLS flexibilities).

    • As a distribution system operator (DSO), you control these flexibilities
    • As an energy provider (EP), you create price incentives for a positive market behaviour or control flexibilities on behalf of your customers
    • As a metering point operator (MPO), you offer intelligent metering systems (iMS), and in future also aEMT switching products for GOs and EPs in addition to the popular pEMT metering products
    • As an industry customer, you integrate flexibilities into your load management.

    The amendments to MsbG, GPKE and the universal ordering process to include MPOs-mediated switching operations give you greater scope for tapping into flexibilities. We have adapted our internationally successful flexibility solutions to German market processes and are now ready for the forced iMS rollout including CLS control. Trust in our experience and get started with your own flexibility management.

  • Redispatch 2.0 for all market participants

    Redispatch 2.0 for all market participants

    All market actors rely on software with as many automated features as possible for regulation-compliant redispatching and fast workflows. They collaborate to find cost-optimised complete solutions to combat possible network bottlenecks while ensuring network and supply security.

    Our market-role-specific software solutions are part of a modular, control system-independent, scalable concept for integration into existing system environments. They encompass all Redispatch 2.0 processes, can be combined with other KISTERS or third-party systems, and allow customised, cost-effective implementations of various scenarios. The solutions have multi-tenant and cloud capabilities, therefore allowing RD2 processes to be offered as a service for third parties.

    Our KISTERScloud /SaaS solution is ISO 27001-certified and suitable for use in critical infrastructures (CRITIS). We can also assist you in your CRITIS assessment. An on-premises solution at your facility might also be an alternative you could consider.

  • MaKo Address Book and other data services

    MaKo Address Book and other data services

    You need current data from all communication partners for seamless and regulation-compliant market communication. That may be easier said than done, as certifications and EDIFACT mail addresses often change at midnight or over the weekend. Furthermore, you have data retention obligations of three years after the conclusion of a contract, meaning that the maintenance of contact data and certificates becomes time-consuming and irritating to say the least.
    Our MaKo address book service in the KISTERScloud will make your life a whole lot easier. All the data you need is synchronised with your system via defined interfaces. Even the PARTIN process, which has replaced contact data sheets with an EDIFACT format (currently only available for power), can now be handled autonomously via the MaKo address book service.

    Register today for a free trial of the service at
    Other data services that will make your job easier are our PFC (Price Forward Curves) service and weather and forecast data.

  • Data Integration: quick, flexible, valuable

    Data Integration: quick, flexible, valuable

    The challenges for projects in the energy market are less about the details of individual solutions or algorithms and more about integrating new solutions into the existing system environment. Our data integration solutions offer the tools you need to accelerate the integration process and with it the overall project runtime. Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) is our “daily business”.

    We focus on flexibility and speed for our interfaces, meaning we get the right data to the right place at the right time to accelerate your processes. And what’s more: we don’t stop just because things work just fine. We also prioritise data quality and data analysis because data quality is at least as important if not more critical than data availability. Data quality analyses are essential for interfaces. Our data integration offerings are not limited to KISTERS solutions: they connect all IT systems in your enterprise.

    What’s in it for you?

    • We offer various ready-made integration solutions for common interfaces between commercial and technical systems (VA-EDM interfaces incl. data quality modules).
    • Modules connecting all technical data sources (databases, REST services, file interfaces, etc.),
    • Modules for any conceivable transformations with mass data
    • Complete solutions for technical billing preparation for industrial parks
    • Particularly high IT security – proven by several certifications – in accordance with guidelines meeting the most critical infrastructure requirements.
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