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IT Security Notifications

In the following we offer you a short list of current security notifications. We make the complete security notifications available to registered customers in the protected area of the KISTERS Service-Portal. By clicking on a notification item below, you will be forwarded to the respective full text version of the notification in the Service-Portal and thereby may be asked to enter your credentials.

All security notifications in the KISTERS Service-Portal

Security vulnerabilities in Citrix Workspace

02/21/2023  |  Water

In order to access the KISTERScloud services, many of you use the client application Citrix…

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Vulnerability in the Apache Commons Text library

20/27/2022  |  Water

On October 17, 2022, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) informed about a…

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Log4j artifacts

09/23/2022  |  Water

We’ve been informed by a customer that one of the delivered Jar files in the KiDSM distribution…

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OpenSSL CVE-2022-2274

07/14/2022  |  Water

Based on the description CVE-2022-2274 and CVE-2022-2097 “Source: CVE: CVE-2022-2274 – CVE-Search”…

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PHP CVE-2022-31625

06/28/2022  |  Water

The KISTERS solutions are not actively using the method “pg_query_params()” or the “mysqlnd/pdo”…

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Java Spring Framework CVE-2022-22965

04/04/2022  |  Water

A zero-day vulnerability was found in the popular Java Web application development framework Spring…

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