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Paper Chart Digitization

Entrust your historical record digitization & data validation to us

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Cut ties with storage fees and deteriorating paper charts

These days most monitoring occurs electronically, but you’ve likely been collecting weather and water level information for many decades. And your paper records are likely collecting dust and accruing storage fees.

Nonetheless, those paper charts have recorded invaluable information that’s not easily accessible.

Let us convert the analog data and bring it forward for your use in our modern digital era.

APIs feature import the data for integration with long-term data management systems like WISKI.

Your benefits


Gain better insights from all your data

Unlock hidden insights as historical & more recent data are analyzed


Avoid data loss

Use historical records before the paper deteriorates literally


Validate your data with our expertise

Refined over decades, our algorithms & manual QA/QC deliver accurate data.


No more storage costs or data silos

House your data in a single system for data discovery & use


We’ll do it for you

From chart collection to data delivery, we perform the digitization service.

How it works

We work with you to determine the feasibility and scope of your chart digitization project:

Take inventory of your paper charts
Share a representative scan(s) with us
We’ll pick up & scan the charts
A.I. identifies & converts the recorded data
We conduct automatic & manual data validation
Receive your ‘new’ historical dataset

Service highlights

  • Ability to scan large quantities of charts

    Ability to scan large quantities of charts

    Our partners are experts in scanning large quantities and can efficiently scan thousands of paper charts of various formats, even if they are meters long.

  • Automated identification of hydrological data

    Automated identification of hydrological data

    1With 60 years of expertise as a consulting engineering firm and 40 years of water software, we have developed artificial intelligence that supports the identification of hydrological records from the scanned paper charts.

  • Advanced data validation performed

    Advanced data validation performed

    With 40 years of water software development expertise, we apply a combination of automated and manual quality assurance processes to identify and resolve suspicious or missing data from your historical dataset.

  • Ability to review digitized data against paper charts

    Ability to review digitized data against paper charts

    Gain confidence in the results as our online tool gives you the ability to compare the quality controlled dataset with the initial scans of your paper charts.

  • Option to integrate & manage the data with WISKI

    Option to integrate & manage the data with WISKI

    The digitized historical data is delivered in a format for easy import into WISKI, our flagship data management solution.

    Get a comprehensive understanding of your data when information from chart recorders, normal charts, drum or roll plotters are secured in the same platform and ready for graphing and analysis.

    You can also opt to store the digitized dataset outside the system, but why would you create a data silo?