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HyQuant launch for distribution partners in APAC


April 16, 2024


Teams meeting - link available upon registration.

HyQuant radar sensors launch.

Date and time:

Join us for 2 hours on 16 April, Sydney 14:00.

About HyQuant:

HyQuant is KISTERS highly anticipated new product line of water radar sensors. The wait is finally over and we are excited to present this innovative technology with you.

These are compact, affordable and easy-to-use water radar level and velocity sensors that are available for versatile hydrological monitoring applications including: Hydrology and water surface management, Risk management, Agriculture, Operational efficiency and Research, among others.

This product line has three versions: The level radar sensor: HyQuant L, The velocity radar sensor: HyQuant V and the All in one level and velocity sensor HyQuant L+V.

HyQuant L is available now to purchase and the V & L+V will be in available in April 8, when all the HyQuant series will be publicly launched.

KISTERS knows how important it is to involve our distributors when we launch new products and we’d like to make sure that you have all the information and product literature you need to promote HyQuant and add it to your websites.

Discover HyQuant today!

About the event:

This webinar is designed for your sales, technical and support teams.


  • Introducing HyQuant Water Radar Sensors
  • Getting to know the versions available
  • Understanding the competition
  • Marketing HyQuant
  • Understanding HyQuant technical specifications and technology benefits
  • Choosing a site and installing the sensor
  • Understanding the measurement principles
  • Learning how to configure HyQuant with HyComm
  • Introducing the distributor kit available
  • Q&A
  • Glossary

For additional content requests, please use This Form and submit it before the event.

Your active participation will be invaluable in ensuring a successful launch and strong market presence for HyQuant water radar sensors.

We look forward to your participation in the webinar.

Reserve your place now and be part of the exciting launch.

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