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a compact time-series water data management system

Mock-up of a KISTERS software application.

expedite environmental data management, analysis & reporting

Hydstra is a fully featured environmental data management package with automation, quality control, hydrological processes, asset management, extensive analysis and reporting.

Hydstra scales from large national and state enterprise systems through to portable single user systems.

Whether you work in hydrology, meteorology, flood control, or dam & reservoir operations, this enterprise software offers specialised functions and simplifies daily workflows.

Product highlights

Scalable deployment

Hydstra scales beautifully from large enterprise SqlServer implementations through to sole operator consultancies. Hydstra scaling means that smaller implementations do not require extensive system and database administrator expertise.

Efficient and performant by design

Hydstra efficiently manages timeseries and discrete observations using and extensive range of standard parameters or an unlimited capacity for user defined parameters.

The highly efficient processing and analysis of observations readily calculates reports and exports ‘on the fly’ without the need to pre-calculate and store analysis data. Hydstra ‘on the fly’ calculation is extremely fast and flexible for analysis functions within Hydstra and integration with third party applications.

Graphical workbench tools

Hydstra delivers productivity with graphical workbench tools for managing observation data, rating tables, shift tables and instrument asset management.

These fully featured and mature tools are always updated to incorporate user driven enhancements.

Extensibility, integration and automation

Our component based design, API’s and automation focus mean Hydstra is readily integrated as the point of truth source for environmental information within your broader enterprise IT landscape.

Your benefits


Fast performance & scalability

Enjoy quick data processing resulting from system architecture & efficient storage. In seconds, retrieve any period of record of continuous data.


Flexible data acquisition & efficient data management

Establish a single time-series data archive by consolidating information from disparate sources. Import protocols are available for nearly all telemetry systems and water monitoring devices in the industry.


Integrate quality data

Garbage in, garbage out. Managing limited resources & addressing complex environmental problems requires quality data. Data visualization-based tools for data validation, evaluation and editing reveal insights into the data.


Effectively manage monitoring asset calibration & maintenance schedules

Capture meta data (e.g. serial numbers, inventory tags, IP addresses, etc.) and organize site visits using Hydstra. Trace monitoring equipment and sensors as they are deployed from storage or repair workshops to active monitoring locations.

Dedicated development and support team

The Hydstra development and support teams are dedicated to the long term and continuous development of Hydstra and web portal products.

Our teams work closely with clients on local extensions and integration project. We have a very long track record strong partnerships of delivering on projects, our client focused staff are key to our successful partnerships

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