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Introducing KISTERS HyQuant: small yet mighty non-contact radar sensor with limitless possibilities.

April 24, 2024

Press release: Aachen, Germany March, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of a new range of contactless sensors called HyQuant, designed to meet customer expectations in a variety of applications, deployments and weather conditions. Developed with a meticulous focus on industry challenges and at an accessible price point, this new product line offers unparalleled performance and versatility for professionals in a variety of fields regardless of their radar technology expertise.

Current product features in the HyQuant line
The HyQuant L level radar
The HyQuant V surface velocity radar
The HyQuant L+V all-in-one level and velocity radar.

Meeting global demand
In response to the escalating global demand for non-contact hydrological instruments that are easy to install and configure, KISTERS will offer customers a tried and tested across many environmental installations a new plug & play solution

Technical advantages
As well as competing with the industry by offering users access to premium water radar sensors at a competitive price, HyQuant also boasts many technical specifications making it ideal for variety of applications, including harsh and remote environments.

  • Unique upgradeability from a HyQuant level or velocity sensor to a HyQuant L+V sensor to obtain level and velocity data simultaneously, and then upgrade to discharge calculation. No need to uninstall or return the sensor, or to buy additional sensors or adapt the housings. Only a software update is required.
  • Rigorously field tested for stability and high performance.
  • User customisable filters for sensor adaptation to local monitoring conditions.
  • Built-in Modbus, SDI-12 & secure Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity.
  • Remarkable power efficiency at 15mA (typical at 12V).
  • IP68 rating.
  • Intuitive interface with integrated wizard.
  • Minimal maintenance.

Mr. Edgar Wetzel, Global Head of R&D at KISTERS HydroMet, emphasised: “With HyQuant, our goal was not just to build a water level radar, but to create a perfect match for field practitioners, the professional hydrographer and automated early warning systems”.

Versatile applications
Designed with versatility in mind, these sensors have been tailored to be used in narrow and wide bodies of water and in rural and urban deployments to support various sectors, including cities, government agencies, utilities, hydropower plants, universities, farms and more. The HyQuant series facilitates monitoring, management, engineering, forecasting, logistics, resource availability and research related to water resources.

Manufactured in Germany
Assembled at KISTERS’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Aachen, Germany, the HyQuant range represents the company’s commitment to superior quality and innovation. Stephan Gramlich, Production Director, stated, “This launch marks the beginning of an exciting era with more cutting-edge hardware products to come”.

We invite customers and distributors to register for the event on 23 May: Radar’s role in hydrology today, with leading experts on discharge and water level radar technology for water monitoring. Attendees will receive a certificate of assistance upon participation.

Register via website

Founded in 1963, KISTERS is a privately owned international organisation headquartered in Germany, specialising in environmental data, instrumentation and information management. With expertise in water, weather, renewable energy and IT, KISTERS develops data-driven and technology-enabled solutions to address global challenges.