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HyQuest Solutions joins forces with KISTERS, revolutionizing access to comprehensive Environmental Solutions

May 17, 2023

HyQuest Solutions, a leading provider of hydrological and meteorological equipment, has merged with KISTERS, a global software solutions company specialising in data management and analysis.

This merger brings together two industry leaders to create a powerhouse in the field of water and environmental management. Through combined expertise and innovative technologies within environmental instrumentation and software, KISTERS has expanded their product offering enabling customers better access to complete monitoring solutions.

“As the demand for better environmental monitoring around the world increases, we wanted a faster and better way to connect our customers to software services to help them achieve a 360 view of their environmental situation” said Wally Varela, Managing Director of HyQuest Solutions Australia.

With over 60 years in environmental monitoring, KISTERS has helped pioneer environmental data management software within the water industry working with multiple governments, environmental leaders and consultancies from all over the world to better gather, measure, report and understand environmental data.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our customers a greater range of products and services” said Klaus Kisters, CEO. “We also have many incredible and talented people working at KISTERS, so to give our customers better access to products and expertise means we’re one step closer in helping them mitigate the impact of an everchanging environment on all life”.



KISTERS is a privately owned, international environmental data, instrumentation and information management organisation founded in Germany. It specialises in the water, weather, energy renewables and IT sectors, engineering data-driven and technologyled solutions. HyQuest Solutions was part of the KISTERS Group after been acquired 10 years ago as Hydrological Solutions.