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Mining – Water Management Solutions

Advanced telemetry and communication technologies

Smarter Mining with KISTERS technologies

Our expertise in engineering and technology has enabled us to design and deploy bespoke solutions tailored for the Mining industry. We provide solutions to unparalleled tailings and water management in Mining with industry-leading monitoring and control systems.

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TLMP Pump Mounted Systems

  • Designed for monitoring specific pumps.
  • Include PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and telemetry components.
  • Incorporates inputs for anticipated sensors linking to PLC input modules.
  • Ethernet connections to the pump control system.
  • Housed in stainless steel enclosures.
  • Power for the PLC/telemetry system is provided from a trailer’s 24Vdc power feed.
  • LTE communications are established with MIMO antenna and coaxial cables.

TLMI Instrumentation Telemetry Systems

  • Designed for instrumentation and telemetry purposes.
  • Include PLC and telemetry components similar to the TLMP systems.
  • Specific telemetry stations are designated for various monitoring points.
  • Housed in stainless steel enclosures.
  • Power is provided from an isolated 24V solar/battery supply.
  • Communication hardware includes a 4G LTE router, high gain mast mount MIMO antenna, and RF surge arrestors.

Versatile telemetry solutions to simplify Mining monitoring,
ensuring uninterrupted operation and seamless communication.

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Enhanced Monitoring

Real-time data collection and analysis to optimise performance and identify potential issues proactively.


Improved Control

Gain greater control over equipment and processes with enabling remote monitoring to ensure efficient operations.



Our technologies offer flexibilities with inputs for anticipated sensors and designated telemetry stations. Housed in stainless steel enclosures, they are built to withstand harsh mining environments, ensuring long-term reliability and minimising maintenance needs.


Power Flexibility

Power the systems either from a trailer’s 24Vdc power feed (TLMP) or an isolated 24V solar/battery supply (TLMI), providing flexibility and resilience against power disruptions.

Unearthing Value:
KISTERS’ Mine Site Monitoring Solutions

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We’ve been creating water, weather and environmental solutions for 60 years – solutions that are designed to be reliable, robust and flexible to meet your unique needs.

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