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Introducing the HyQuant range of non-contact radar sensors

Expertly designed, small, easy to use, non-contact radar sensors for water level and velocity, suitable for a wide range of hydrological monitoring needs at an affordable price.

Deep knowledge

A thorough understanding of hydrological conditions

HyQuant provides the water level and surface water velocity data needed to evaluate hydrological conditions of a catchment area – crucial for understanding water cycle and potential water management applications. It enables users to monitor and evaluate morphological changes in the waterbed and ensures the secure usage of watercourses for shipping. Plus, it plays a key role in establishing and operating reporting and warning systems for events like floods and extreme low water conditions.

Fast detection

Real-time observation and response

Real-time monitoring data of water level and surface velocity is essential for making informed decisions to prevent flooding. HyQuant, a non-contact radar sensor, enables rapid detection of unexpected and sudden changes in water level and flow velocity – a prerequisite for early warning signals. These signals give users enough time to prepare before disaster strikes.

Efficient resource management

Integrated water resources management

With a better understanding of water availability and quality, it becomes possible to integrate various water uses, encompassing drinking, irrigation, hydropower, cooling, watershed and wildlife health. HyQuant sensors are non-contact, easy to install and cost effective, allowing them to be deployed in large numbers to generate high data density. This data has the potential to deliver multiple benefits, including improved decision making, equitable access to scarce resources, increased revenue, reduced costs and improved risk management.

HyQuant - designed for professionals working across diverse fields.

HyQuant Series was designed to provide all the must-haves needed to solve the familiar frustrations of users facing the challenges of environmental monitoring, but at an affordable cost.

  • Hydrology and water surface management
  • Risk management
  • Water availability
  • Agriculture
  • Operational efficiency in hydropower plants
  • Other industrial applications such as mining
  • Research

With HyQuant, the challenge was not to build a water level radar but to come as close as possible to a perfect match for the field practitioners, the professional hydrographer and the automated early warning systems alike. We listened actively, assessed the wealth of first-hand insights and only then we started working.

Mr Edgar Wetzel, Global Head of R&D (Instrumentation), KISTERS AG

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