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high-resolution hailstorm forecast & sensing to minimize impacts to your operations and assets

Monitoring hail risk & mitigating damage

HailSens360 delivers extensive hailstorm forecasts and nowcast data to mitigate hail damage. In addition, real-time measurements of hailstones – their size, velocity and distribution – and in-depth post-event analytical tools help you assess damages and file claims.

Our intuitive cloud & sensor solution gives you unparalleled decision support for optimal hail data before, during and after the storm.

You not only know what’s coming but also when, where, and the expected impact with Hailsens360.

Your benefits


Get alerts 18 hours before the storm

Prepare to act based on precise weather data from multiple sources & HRRR forecasts of conditions favorable for the development of a potentially severe hail event.


Act on nowcasts 60-90 min ahead of potential impact

Get actionable insights every 6 mins for stowing, locking & other asset-protection strategies based on VIL density, nowcast algorithms & strong hail size/VIL density correlation.


Record real-time hail measurements

Precisely measure each hailstone: their size, velocity & distribution upon impact. These details are key to better understanding future hailstorms and expedite claims processing.


Analyze data after the storms to increase resiliency

View comprehensive data of the hail event in combination with damage (including microcracks), operational downtime to ensure operational resiliency & optimal energy output.


Maximum uptime & availability of this decision-support

Our ISO-certified IT services ensure you quality data & advanced IT for your investment.

How it works

Let us put your operators in the driver’s seat to proactively protect & mitigate critical assets.

Subscribe to your coverage area of interest
Set alarms, recipients & media preferences
Get forecast and warnings
Measure real-time hail impacts
Review data & identify lessons learned

Product Highlights

  • Radar hail data, visualization & analytical tools

    Radar hail data, visualization & analytical tools

    Get accurate & precise forecast data.

    Inform assessments of near-term and real-time hail impacts on your operations as well as your sustainability plans.

    Animate high-resolution hail radar imagery (historical and forecast).

    Retrieve hail sensor-calibrated cumulative precipitation amounts for any defined period, with assessment and actioning of events available via a simple mouse-click.

    Tap into embedded expert meteorological models, as we bring worldwide knowledge of severe weather environments to your wind & solor farm operators.

  • Customized to your needs

    Customized to your needs

    Within HydroMaster, add your catchment areas, zones of interest, hotspots and rain gauge data to obtain localized precipitation observations and forecasts within seconds.

    Evaluate how significant the impact will be for your area by comparing with return periods, and take appropriate measures.

    Additionally, integrate with sensors by KISTERS or other makers.

  • Your warning and alert settings

    Your warning and alert settings

    No arbitrary forecasts for you.

    Get automated notifications when the criteria you define are met in 18-hour, nowcast and even real-time data.

    Identify hotspots or zones of interest in a few clicks. Even upload polygons from your GIS platform.

    You decide for whom, how and when messages will be issued for timely and effective decisions.

    Notifications include links to easily access your hailstorm data in intuitive maps, charts and tables.

  • Lessons learned data for future decisions

    Lessons learned data for future decisions

    View and analyze past hail events using the same tools available in forecast and real-time modes.

    For post event analysis, review past alarming events from forecasts, nowcasts and observations.

    A rich set of statistics including raster animation & extracted information, as well as hailstone distribution analyses with distribution of hailstone size, velocity and distribution over a geographic area.

We wanted to create a solution that enables solar developers to protect assets from hail damage ahead of a hail event ... to do that, we built a system that allows us to better predict, precisely quantify and validate hail, then aggregate all that information into an online dashboard

Johan Jaques, HailSens360 solution owner with KISTERS AG

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