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high-resolution rainfall data service to minimize impacts to your operations and assets

HydroMaster Background

Get an edge on severe weather

HydroMaster empowers you with access to the very latest high resolution precipitation radar in real time, updated on a continuous basis. With radar-based nowcasts paired with multi-model deterministic and probabilistic forecasts up to 15 days in advance, you can be assured of timely and accurate information to support your operational decisions.

To give users an indication of rainfall event severity, forecasts put in context using a dedicated severity index which takes into account both location and season.

With HydroMaster you not only know what’s coming but also when, where, and the expected impact.

Your benefits


Monitor sudden & localized weather events

Detect rain-related threats for management & public safety.


Safely access data from anywhere at any time

With a web browser, users log in with assigned credentials


Get high-resolution data during extreme events

Rain forecasts up to 14 days & nowcasts 60-90 mins in advance in a 1 km2 resolution (0.39 mi2)


Share sensitive data with appropriate users

A local admin controls authorized users & audits activity


Ensure maximum uptime & availability

SaaS includes automated backups & updates to prevent failure


Afford access to ISO-certified IT services

Quality data & advanced IT at a fraction of the ownership cost

How it works

Subscribe to your coverage area of interest
Set alarms, recipients & media preferences
Get forecast and warnings
Review historical records & perform post-event analyses

Product highlights

  • Radar rainfall data, visualization & analytical tools

    Radar rainfall data, visualization & analytical tools

    Get accurate & precise precipitation data & forecasts.

    Inform assessments of near-term and real-time weather impacts on your operational decisions, costs, and sustainability plans.

    Animate high-resolution precipitation radar imagery (historical and forecast).

    Retrieve rain gauge-calibrated cumulative precipitation amounts for any defined period, with assessment and actioning of events available via a simple mouse-click.

    Tap into embedded expert hydrological & hydraulic models, as we bring worldwide knowledge of water environments to your flood duty officers and flooding risk monitors.

  • Customized to your needs

    Customized to your needs

    Within HydroMaster, add your catchment areas, zones of interest, hotspots and rain gauge data to obtain localized precipitation observations and forecasts within seconds.

    Evaluate how significant the impact will be for your area by comparing with return periods, and take appropriate measures.

    Additionally, integrate with sensors by KISTERS or other makers.

  • Tailored warnings and alerts

    Tailored warnings and alerts

    There’s nothing arbitrary about these forecasts.

    Combine past, near real-time and future precipitation data to generate automated warnings when criteria are met.

    With a few clicks, identify hotspots or catchment areas of interest. Conveniently upload polygons from your GIS platform.

    For timely and effective dissemination of warnings you decide who, how and when messages will be issued.

    Once HydroMaster knows interests, it automatically calculates precipitation totals and forecasts — and you simply access your results as maps, charts and tables.

  • Archived data for deep understanding

    Archived data for deep understanding

    View and analyze past rainfall events using the same tools available in real-time mode.

    Save your work in comprehensive post-event analytical reports with various pre-formatting options.

    For post event analysis, review past alarming events. A rich set of statistics including storm analysis with return periods are presented during recorded alarm conditions and storm events.

The NowCast feature would have bought 3 hours of warning time, time that would have been very useful to assess risk, options, and make proactive decisions.

Dwight Boyd, Director Engineering with Grand River Conservation Authority

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